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bad_dolly_deals's Journal

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Bad Dolly Deals...
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MODERATORS CANNOT AND WILL NOT REMOVE BAD DOLLY DEALS. The ONLY way to have one removed about you is to go ask the person that posted it. Requests to remove a Bad Dolly Deal about you will be ignored.

What is BDD?
Bad Dolly Deals is a place for you to post about bad transactions you have had with individuals from internet auction sites, forums, LiveJournal communities, and/or private or business websites. If you are currently involved in a transaction, you are welcome to ask for advice as to how to resolve the situation; if the transaction has ended, you are welcome to leave negative feedback to warn others about your bad experience.

BDD Rules (Required Reading!)
(1) Do not post full names (either first name or last name, but not both), addresses, photos of the seller/buyer/trader, or full tracking numbers. Posts with such information will be rejected; comments with such information will be deleted without warning.
(2) Do not delete or edit any comments. If you wish for a comment to be deleted, please contact one of the moderators. If you wish to edit a comment, please ask a moderator to delete the original comment, then post the edited version of your comment as a new comment. Only moderators may delete comments.
(3) Do not harass, stalk, or threaten any BDD members, either on or off the community. Threats of physical violence will result in an automatic ban. If you have issues with what someone is posting, please contact a moderator privately to resolve the situation. Do not attempt to "moderate" the community.
(4) Do not post adult material. Excessive cursing or discussion of sexual or violent situations will result in a warning; posting of pornographic, gory, or otherwise explicitly adult images will result in an automatic ban.
(5) Be polite. Do not insult, bully, or attack other members. You can criticize and/or disagree with someone while still being polite.

If you break the rules, you will be given a warning. If you get three warnings, you will be banned from the community. If you break one of the bolded rules, you will be banned immediately and without warning. If you have been banned, you may not rejoin the community under a different username.

The moderators may issue warnings for any other behavior they deem grossly inappropriate.

How Does BDD Work?
(1) An individual posts regarding a problem transaction they are, or have been, involved in, either to ask for help as to how resolve the transaction or to warn other community members about bad sellers/buyers/traders/etc.
(2) The person posted about is encouraged to reply to the post or to make a post of their own, to explain their side of the situation. BDD moderators do their best to remain neutral parties; just because you have been posted about does not mean we will assume you are "the bad guy." Please share your side with us!
(3) Community members are welcome to comment on the situation. We encourage community members to ask questions, post sympathetic or encouraging comments, give advice, post additional information about the situation, offer their opinion, etc. Community members should remain polite, and try not to get emotionally involved in another person's BDD.
(4) Both the name of the poster and the name of the person posted about are tagged, so that people considering transactions with them can search their BDD history. A list of BDD Tags can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_dolly_deals/tag/

Other BDD Guidelines
+ The BDD moderators are not responsible for the outcome of any transaction.
+ The BDD moderators will only delete BDD entries at the request of the original poster. However, the BDD moderators may deny any request to delete a BDD entry. Deletion of entries without moderator approval will result in a warning or a banning, depending on the material deleted.
+ When posting to BDD, please provide as much detail as possible: dates, photos, and copies of any communication between yourself and the person you are having issues with.
+ If you are posting a "bad feedback" post, you must include the date on which the transaction began and the date on which you contacted the other party in an attempt to resolve the situation outside of BDD. Feedback-style posts without these two dates will be rejected. Feedback-style posts without confirmation that the poster has made at least some attempt to contact the person being posted about, and that the poster has made some attempt to resolve this situation outside of BDD, will also be rejected.
+ Please try to resolve all issues prior to posting to BDD. BDD is not intended to be your first resort!
+ You must wait at least two weeks (14 days) after the start date of the transaction (date payment or merchandise was sent or services began) before posting a "bad feedback" or "warning" post to BDD (if you are asking advice on how to resolve a situation or asking for seller feedback, you do not need to wait).
+ Please do not try to cause drama. Posts with the sole intent of causing drama or being offensive will be deleted without warning. Repeated posts of this type will result in a warning.
+ Please post updates as new entries, with a link to the original entry.
+ Posting to BDD does not guarantee sympathy or "victim" status. Some members may ask you to explain or defend your actions; this is an important part of understanding both sides of a situation. The BDD moderators will not tolerate harassment, but asking you to explain why you did something, politely criticizing you, or defending the person you are posting about is not "harassment."
+ If you do not have a LiveJournal account or wish to post anonymously, please contact one of the moderators and we will post for you.
+ Please hide long entries behind a LJ Cut. If your entry is too long, you will be asked to edit it. If you are including photos, consider providing links, rather than embedding photos in your entry.
+ Moderators will add usernames to the tags if new usernames are used by anyone with a BDD if we are made aware of the name change.

What Can Be Posted to BDD?
Only transactions involving an actual exchange of money, goods, or services may be posted to Bad Dolly Deals. In order words, unless money and/or goods have changed hands and/or services have been performed, you may not post the situation to BDD. The following list provides some examples of what you may post to BDD:
+ You have paid for an item from a seller. The item has not arrived, arrived damaged, is not as described, or is otherwise unsatisfactory.
+ You have paid for a service (i.e., custom face-up, clothing commission, rerooting) from a seller. The service has not been performed, was not performed as promised, or was otherwise unsatisfactory.
+ You have sold an item to a buyer. You have received payment and/or sent the item. You believe the buyer is fraudulently claiming the item was never received, arrived damaged, was not as described, or is otherwise unsatisfactory.
+ You have sold a service (i.e., custom face-up, clothing commission, rerooting) to a buyer. You have received payment and/or begun work. You believe the buyer is fraudulently claiming that the service has not been performed, was not performed as promised, or was otherwise unsatisfactory; or the buyer is refusing to pay for work performed.
+ You have agreed to trade items and/or services with another individual. One or both of you have sent their item and/or begun work. You have not received your portion of the trade, it was not as described, or otherwise unsatisfactory; or you believe your trade partner is fraudulently claiming you did not hold up your end of the trade.
+ There is only one exception to the "actual exchange" rule. When you are suspicious of or unfamiliar with a seller, buyer, trader, or service provider, you may post to ask if anyone else has done business with them and how they would rate the transaction. If you do end up doing business with this person, please let us know how it turned out by making a new post with a brief review and a link to the original post. This exception also allows you to post suspicious eBay auctions, sales posts, etc.
+ There are many other situations that are permissible on BDD. If you believe your situation constitutes a BDD, please post it. The moderators will review the post. If they moderators decide your post is a valid BDD, it will be posted to the BDD community. If the moderators decide your post is not a valid BDD, you will be given an explanation as to why your post was rejected. The majority of rejected posts may be posted to our sister community, Failed Dolly Deals. We will not count a rejected post as a mark against you – we would rather have to reject 100 posts than have 1 person not post out of fear of their post being rejected!

The following list provides some examples of what you may not post to BDD:
+ A buyer has put an item on hold, but has not paid for the item. Please post these situations to our sister community, Failed Dolly Deals.
+ A seller has put an item up for sale, but has refused to sell the item. Please post these situations to our sister community, Failed Dolly Deals.
+ A free service or item was not delivered as promised. Please post these situations to our sister community, Failed Dolly Deals.
+ You are being actively and aggressively harassed by (a) a buyer who wants you to sell an item you do not wish to sell, (b) a seller wants you to buy an item you do not wish to buy, (c) an individual wants who wants you to trade an item you do not wish to trade, or (d) an individual who wants you to perform a service you do not wish to perform. Please post these situations to our sister community, Failed Dolly Deals.
+ You’re not satisfied with a transaction and want revenge. The BDD moderators are neutral parties and do not take sides; we are not here to help you "get back" at someone. This type of post belongs in your personal journal.

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If you have any other links you would like added, please contact a moderator!

Sammy The Head (the BDD icon) courtesy of candicelui from myblythe.com.

Thank you!
Pipercat, Cudna, & Cauldy

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