REdmara, missing Blythecon funds

Posting on behalf of EricaDuh.
Bad Dolly Deal against *redmara*
I regret to announce that the BlytheCon money we raised in ticket sales is gone. Mara (redmara) was responsible to care for it, and will be held responsible for it but now I need to work on getting resolved before Friday or I have to cancel the event. Until this is resolved I will have to put all planning on hold.
After a month + of consistently having my emails, PMs and messages ignored, I was finally told by Mara last Thursday, that the BlytheCon money was garnished. However, no proof of garnishment was provided from Mara, and she has completely side step the question when asked to provide it.
She requested that I gave her time to raise the funds, and in good faith I had given her exactly a week. By now I should have received at least half of the bare minimum needed to make this event happen, and unfortunately I don't even have that.
I am afraid we will not be able to meet the entire bare minimum of $12,800 by next Friday. For this, I am going public and letting you know what has happened to your money.
To sum up
$23428.18 is gone. I have received $3893.36 back and will need $8906.64 by next Friday, to make BlytheCon happen.
It is now up to you what should be the next steps and I am here to help assist. If there was anything I could have done to prevent this from happening, I would have done my very best.
I will do my very best to answer everyone's questions in a quickly matter, please bare with me as I have cc'd this everywhere that it should be,

* redmara is actively selling items on BK and the FB sundries group and she is currently giving the Blythcon Paypal acct for payment info. The acct is only accessible by Erica at this time.

extremely disappointed and offended by Rosichi Blythe

Some days ago I received my newest Blythe doll which I had adopted from the customizer "Rosichi Blythe".
The dolls face up is very beautiful, she looks just like the photos I saw before from "Rosichi Blythe".
But I was extremely surprised and very sad about the fact that her scalp was wefted.
I feel deceived by "Rosichi Blythe" because she wrote in her advertisement: "straight mohair REROOT by me".
But the scalp is not a rerooted one.
Rosichi Blythe put wefts on a piece of fabric and glued it on the scalp.
In her ad she didn’t noticed that the hair is only weftet.
I send her a message to tell her that I'm very disappointed and explained the difference of a rooted and a wefted scalp and kindly ask for a small discount of 50 euros.
I got no answer.
But instead "Rosichi Blythe“ opened a posting on Facebook and wrote about my problem.
She and her FACEBOOK FANS talked very bad about me.
I think this is outrageous of „Rosichi Blythe“.
I do not want that future buyers are disappointed or have problems with this person.
It's not nice to be placed at the pillory on Facebook.
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Etsy shop seller dolls that are not their own

This is being cross-listed from Buyer/Seller beware on facebook:
Meredith Blythe Alger states the following:
This was brought to my attention today apparently another shop on Etsy is listing other customizers dolls and selling them as their own. This time my custom doll is included in their shop that I haven't even sold yet!! They even have the same title and my shop name in their own listing. My pictures and all. I'm going to report them but just thought I would go ahead and posted in case anybody else was tempted to buy in the shop.

The shop has no been removed from etsy. Also, the username was "hijacked" from a legitimate user in good standing in the community.
delicatmedia, priscila, black cat, theblackcatpt

Stolen Blythe scalp - unpaid and unreturned item - problem with Cakau

I'm posting here what I posted on my personal page on January 14 at 3:30pm:
"It's with a heavy heart that I come to share my story.
Before September 2014 Cakau (Ana T. C***, from Portugal) bought a scalp from me. My supplier sent me the wrong shade of green, which Ana said she would return to me once I sent her the correct shade of green.
I did so before September. In September I asked her if she had forgotten to send it back to me, and she said she would send it soon. Meanwhile I started school and didn't have internet access and she also had some problems with her pets, so I didn't want to bother her, so I waited. And waited, and waited.
Last week, I casually asked her when she was going to return the scalp to me, to which she replied "I used the scalp on one of my dolls, I even cut the hair." and I was all "hum? that's not what we had agreed on" to which she said "Yeah, I had that scalp lying around, I wasn't going to buy one".

Ok, so she agrees to send back the scalp and then doesn't and then uses it because it's there?
She unfriended me, left the Portuguese Blythe group and isn't replying to my PMs.
I can provide screen shots of the whole thing (though they are in Portuguese).
I'm very sad to have lost a "friend" to a stolen scalp :( Our friendship was worth 35€ + shipping..."

She has since sent me a text message saying she would ship BOTH scalps back to me, to which I replied I'd rather she pay a partial cost of the extra scalp she kept, since she had already cut it. More that 2 weeks have passed, no scalps, no money, no reply :/
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paid on October 30, 2014 $70.00 for a pair Squeaky Monkey Pre-Order Jeans. There wasn't much communication through out the process. I contacted Tiffany a few days after X-mas inquiring on a date for delivery.
Here is the Convo (please note she blocked me this week explain more that next)
******Conversation started December 26, 2014*********
Michelle Yager-French
12/26, 12:29pm
Michelle Yager-French
hey! I assume you have not made jeans yet right? I think I see you said on your posts that denim was after Christmas Hope you had wonderful Christmas!
December 27, 2014
Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
12/27, 4:33am
Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
I was thinking of you earlier. I'll be sending out an email tomorrow. I ended up taking the entire 2 days off over the holiday. I'm in the process of cutting everything out that I have outstanding. I kinda dropped the ball with communication this month. I do try to keep people informed. I am shooting to be as caught up as possible in early January. I had hoped to be caught up by the end of the year, but with the fall and the holiday days (which were much needed), I haven't been able to keep to my self imposed deadline. I hope your holiday was peaceful, mine was very low key and lazy. Somehow in the last 2 weeks my space has become a tornado zone and I have no idea how it happened. Probably the cats! *********** So I left it at that was nice to her and not mad at all.(this was her first accident not he ladder incident by the way) I contacted her on Jan 6th to see about adding a dress to the order and her response*******Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
Huh? Sorry, I'm a bit off my game. I fell from a ladder on Sunday. Did you want to order a dress? That is fine. I WAS working on them until I fell... I am hoping to be mobile tomorrow. Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
Yeah, I was feeling a bit rough this week. I'm really lucky that I didn't break my neck. Time to stop acting like an invincible teenager...
I just closed the dresses yesterday, I can open the pink tea dress for you. I am and will be working on them this coming week. Just let me know. I'm broke and could use the sale. I can't afford sick days. You have your own business, I'm sure you can relate.
I'm feeling a lot better. I have mobility back in my arm, shoulder and neck still sore. Man, I've just been a klutz lately. Drrrrr....************** I decided to wait on the dress since I had seen no results in the jeans. We basically had no other communication until I received this message on Feb 5, 2015
Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
2/5, 12:00pm
Facebook User
do you want your money back for the jeans?
don't have it right now, it will take me some time.*************
I never had a chance to respond to that last message less than 24 hours later she decided to block me I guess with many others. No refund and its been past 45 days with paypal. The 180 day rule did not com into effect until Nov 18.

tomoyo on Vidasdeplastico

On the 17th November I bought tomoyo's Blythe on this forum
I paid in full the same day, as "friends" upon his request, I believe, at evening . He promised to ship by the end of the week.
On saturday or sunday I sent him a messagge asking for my tracking code. He replied saying she couldn't ship and that he would do that on monday.
On monday I wrote him again, asking for the track.
He replied on the 25th, tuesday, saying he had been busy and he promised to ship before friday.
Today is friday, and of course I haven't heard a word from him....
I checked all of his feedback before buying, and they seemed old but ok except for one, but that may have been a misunderstanding between buyer/seller.
I will wait until saturday, then decide what to do. He asked me to pay by paypal, friends, which I did.
I really love the doll and would love to bring her home for Christmas, but I truly don't know what to do.....

Extremely Rough Transaction With Anniedollz

Hello, everybody. I am new to this, so please forgive me if I make any errors. I contacted Anniedollz through Etsy in regards to getting my first Blythe customized (Charlotte de Fleurs) on March 12, 2014. By March 13th, after working out the details of what I wanted done I had paid her and agreed to send my doll to her as soon as soon as it arrived. It was a pre-order and I had not yet received it. Before the doll arrived and by March 20th, I had requested and paid for a reroot as well as an Azone body for the doll. On March 27th I sent the doll and it arrived April 1st. On April 17th I paid extra to have her glittery eye makeup done on the doll. In total, the amount I have paid for the customization of the doll is $1,004.00 USD. When we first spoke, she stated my doll would be done in 30 days. She said she would begin my doll at the end of April or start of May. Her first excuse came May 12th, when she stated that she "was going start your doll at the end of April or early May. But last week was our holiday. My friends and I had a nice travel for a week.[sic]"
I contacted her again in June asking about the doll and she said her pump was broken and she couldn't work on my doll. This time I let her know I had seen a complaint about her and was now worried. We went back and forth and eventually she stated she had already done the reroot and carving by May 19th and would show me pictures. She showed me pictures of the reroot and not the carving. When I asked for pictures of the carving, she stated she was in her parents house and had not brought my doll and therefore could not show me.
I didn't see the carving of my doll until July 2nd. Fast forward to August 11th. I had been notified that her pump had been repaired and my doll would be completed within 24 hours when she received her pump. August 22nd came. I was told her pump was stuck in customs. September 3rd, I confronted her about it again and she went into a lot of excuses why she didn't have her pump. September 12th I confronted her again and she stated my doll would be done by the end of September or she would refund me. September 29th I received a picture of only the faceplate of my doll and she stated she was going to ship my doll. The next day I received a tracking number. Ever since then, I have been going back and forth with her because this tracking number doesn't work.
I even let her know I would expose her. She asked me to wait five more days and blamed the post office (this was last week.) I have waited and the tracking number still doesn't work. I can provide screenshots of everything if needed. It has been 6 months and my doll is still gone.
UPDATE: Have received further correspondence still blaming the post office and have been refunded 39 usd for the shipping fee and told to wait (again) 18-20 hours for tracking to work. Will continue updating!
UPDATE2: Tracking number seems to be working at the moment as it states package is now registered.
UPDATE3: Received the doll. There is a noticeable scratch on her face up and I paid $19 USD for freckles and there aren't any. Attaching photo. I have notified her.
FINAL UPDATE (I hope:) Have been refunded $19 USD for the freckles and $100 USD for the scratch.
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SCAMMER ALERT! Do NOT deal with Shimon E, also goes by the name Ken S, aka Emiya S

SCAMMER ALERT! Do NOT deal with Shimon E, also goes by the name Ken S, aka Emiya S, aka Keiyo T, of Boyds Maryland. We arranged a trade - I sent him a $200 Sideshow figure in May, and he sent me NOTHING and un-friended me. I am in contact with other people who have been scammed by him. AVOID!

Here is the full story: I posted that I had two brand new 1:6 scale Sideshow figures up for sale or trade - a Joker and a Harley Quinn. He messaged me and asked about getting Harley. We went back and forth on price, eventually he proposed a trade. He sent me pictures of two G1 Transformers, and I agreed that it would be a fair trade. (I have all these messages saved). So we sent each other our home addresses, and I mailed out the Harley to him. I gave him a tracking number, too. My package to him was delivered on May 24th. Days and weeks went by, and I started asking frequently about where my package was, and for a tracking number. He kept saying he was out of town, and his "ebay people" were supposed to have sent it, but he wouldn't be able to get the tracking number until he got back into town. I kept asking, he kept dodging. Eventually he just stopped replying, and un-friended me. That's pretty much it, so now I'm out the figure which retails for $190 and the $10 to ship it to him.
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Bad doll transaction with Yuzu from Yuzu's Sweet Aesthetics

On the 26th of June, I contacted Yuzu through Flickr to commission her to do the faceup, manicure and pedicure of my Popovy doll. I had commissioned her before in January and our transaction had no problems. So I wanted to commission her again.

On the 28th of June, she responded, saying that she was glad to accept my commission and that she would be free to do it next week. On the 30th of June, she confirmed the total of my order : 34 EUR + shipping. On the 1st of July, I paid her 34 EUR through Paypal and told her that I would ship my doll that week.

I shipped the doll with a tracking number on the 3rd of July. I told her this through Flickr on the same day, gave her the tracking number and asked her to let me know when the doll arrived. According to tracking, it arrived on the 8th of July. When I hadn't heard from her by the 16th of July, I sent her an email on the email address listed on her website Yuzu's Sweet Aesthetics, asking for confirmation that the doll had arrived.

I sent her several messages through different channels (email, Facebook, Flickr, etc) on the 18th, 25th, 28th and 30th of July. I received no response to any of these messages. On the 3rd of August, I finally received a response from Yuzu through Flickr, saying that she had computer issues and that this was the reason she hadn't contacted me. She told me that she had to finish 2 more commissions. She promised to send me photos of the finished doll 1.5 weeks later and ship her the same week. Since then I have heard nothing from Yuzu.

In the meantime, I've been contacted by other people who are going through the same thing. They also sent dolls to Yuzu. When they try to contact her, she doesn't respond at all or she gives them excuses on why she is not able to continue her work : computer problems, being sick, etc. I opened a Paypal dispute on the 12th of August as a last resort, hoping to get a response from Yuzu. But again, I have heard absolutely nothing from Yuzu.

Right now, I just want her to contact her customers and give us our dolls back.

EDIT : On the 18th of August, I opened a paging thread on the Spanish BJD forum. One of its members was kind enough to translate my messages 'cause I don't speak Spanish. After posting the thread, more of her victims came forward with their story. One of her friends saw the thread and contacted Yuzu. On the 21st, I was shown photos of my completed doll by email from Yuzu and today (the 23rd), I was given a tracking number for my doll.

Non-payer, waster-of timer Joanne C*les (Sydney, Australia)

Just a warning that this lady, Joanne C*les, based in Sydney, Australia is not particularly reliable. For two weeks she kept telling me she'd made a bank transfer to pay for a blythe doll I had listed on Dolly Adoption. Each time payment never surfaced she'd come up with excuses why not (telling me she'd made an initial mistake and had then fixed it; that she'd been contacting the bank to sort it out; that she would then pay via paypal if the transaction didn't come though). In the end, after two weeks, she finally admitted she was not going to buy the doll due to personal reasons.

I have now learnt my lesson - don't expect other people to have integrity and kindness. A doll is not sold until you have the cash in your pocket ;)