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Ebay has been hacked [May. 21st, 2014|08:33 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...


Good morning,
eBay has been hacked and they are asking members to change their passwords immediately.

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Bad Transaction with Bobobie Mall [May. 18th, 2014|10:28 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...
Megan Bryson
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I hate writing this sort of thing, but I have to do this.

I've been waiting for a product for over a year. I had a bit of buyers guilt at first, asking to cancel. But then realizing I'd enjoy having a doll, I asked to disregard the first email. They responded by saying OK, but after that I have had no response by either their service emails, or the other email. I don't know what is going on with them. Is there something wrong?
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Concerned about Anniedollz transaction. [Apr. 6th, 2014|09:51 pm]
Bad Dolly Deals...
I have every conversation recorded thank goodness. I went back through and made notes with dates. She seems to have a good reputation but looking at the mess I've been dealing with....I'm thinking something's going on. Insight? Opinions? I have a custom commissioned with her that was guaranteed to be done at the end of January. I am still waiting. And I keep getting excuses why I'm not seeing my doll. It's been months now. I may need to send a paypal report.

Oct 28
Discussed terms as follows
$200- wait list
$200 nov.
Balance when done. Before Xmas.

Nov 13
Ready to start terms changed.
Doll start mid dec.
$300 wait list
$300 mid dec start
Balance when finished in jan.

Nov 19
First payment made
Committed to starting early dec.
2nd invoice mid dec.

Dec 14
Asked for second payment

Dec 19
300 sent

Jan 12
Asked for payment

Jan 17
Sent payment asked about progress
Said doll started mid jan. Needed 4-5 weeks. Finish end of feb due to new year in china.

Jan 27
Asked for final payment. Even though I wasn't supposed to pay until it was finished.

Feb 3
Payment sent. No update about doll.

(Almost three weeks later...)

Feb 22
Asked about progress
Said needed two weeks to move apts. Said sculpture was completed and part of dress. Would show me in early march.

(Over two weeks later...)

March 10
I emailed about concern with the timing. Asked for progress.
Annie said doll shipping in two weeks.

March 14
Showed me outfit

March 20
Showed hair
Said final pics in a week.

(ANOTHER 2.5 weeks later!!...)

April 6
Asked about progress AGAIN.
Now she said she was in hospital for unknown heart condition.

Amongst this were etsy listings, new clothing designs and other customs being posted via etsy and flickr.
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Bad Dolly Deal against Jisatsu/Chi-no-Tenshi for STOLEN PROPERTY [Apr. 6th, 2014|03:15 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...
Bad Dolly Deal against Jisatsu/Chi-no-Tenshi for STOLEN PROPERTY

Please note. This is a long transaction that took over 2 years to follow up through. The post is long and I have mostly just included the bare facts taken directly from facebook messages, I've only trimmed out the boring other stuff we talked about that are not related to the transaction.

In November of 2011 I commissioned Jisatsu for one painting to be paid for and 3 heads to be painted in exchange for one head I had for sale. I was banned in May and I had an open transaction with Jisatsu/ Chi-no-Tenshi at the time of my banning, In exchange for my ANother Secret Sunday Song head, I sent the following for faceup;

x1 ANother Secret Mr.Wolf head and teeth parts NS
x1 ANother Secret Mr.Rabbit head and teeth parts NS
x1 Dragon Doll Lui Bei ZHENG head NS-Y (this is the regular Zheng head with LARGE lobes)

She was also in possession of parts meant to be paid for services to be done. (Which I ended up backing out of as at the time I was clearly stretched for money.) Which are the following;

x1 Non-romantic Grit head
x1 Fantasy Grit parts (Legs/foot paws, hand paws)

I was unable to get onto Den of Angels for a period of time which aided in my banning (I am not defending my banning) so contact was made through facebook and was initiated by Chi no Tenshi on January 25th 2012, I can provide all facebook messages on request. Chi-no-Tenshi offered me to just stick with the trades, the painting services for the sunday song head and then she would return my grit to me unpainted. This I was thankful for as I was very stretched for money. Chi proceeded to give me shipping quotes from her place in California to mine in Alberta, Canada. $30 for priority and $18 for First Class. I asked for $30 priority. She was very patient with me at this point. I paid for shipping on April 12th 2012. I waited a few days and asked if the money had gone through. She responded on April 25th 2012 saying that she was dealing with things and was to busy to get to the PO yet.
On May 1st 2012 I was banned from Den of Angels. On May 11th Chi-no-Tenshi responded and helped me get into contact with another member whom I had an open transaction with. At this point she asked me if I had received my box yet. I responded that I hadn't been to the mail box.
On May 19th 2012 I messaged her again, I stil had not received my heads, she said she would call the post office and that the PO was hell lately. I suggested she wait the week out and she agreed.
On May 20th 2012 I noted that Monday was a holiday so there would be no mail.
On May 22nd 2012 I messaged her, there was no box in the mail. She said she would call.
On May 24th 2012 she said that the PO said it would be in Canada. She confirmed my address. and let me know that she had marked it to return to sender if anything happened to it. She also let me know that the woman at the postal outlet had not given her mum the customs slip, which was why she didn't have a tracking number.
On May 25th 2012 I contacted her again, nothing.
On May 28th 2012 I contacted her again, still nothing. She said that it was likely to coome back to her, that the only time that it had ever happened she had been dealing with Singapore. I let her know that I'd pay for shiping again and she told me not to worry about it.
On June 4th 2012 I asked her how she knew if my packaged would ome back to her at her mums. Jisatsu let me know that all her mail was forwarded to her mums house.
On June 11th 2012 I tod her I was frustrated.
On June 12th 2012 she responded saying she had called the post office on Monday and they had said they had no word of it. I let her know that I was constantly checking the post office.
She let me know that she was going to the post office on Thursday to see what could be done. I expressed my sadness and frustation that the package was lost. She agreed that she was also upset and going to to all she could.
On June 19th 2012 I contacted her, still nothing.
On June 22nd 2012 I expressed that I might hire a package tracker. She said it might be a good idea.
On June 29th 2012 I was let know by a friend of some events on DoA and I left her this message.
"Okay, I know this is going to be very rude, I'm sorry already, I was talking to a friend who is on DoA and she knows what I did and such and she said that before I hire any tracker or lawyers to go finding the heads, I should ask you if you are just teaching me a lesson by holding the heads back from shipping for a long time. I know that sounds completely silly and the question is uncalled for and I really don't think you would do something like that. But she said that on my bad feedback thread it said you had considered keeping my heads as forfeit when I was gone for months. I really don't want to spend all that money on a tracker and a lawyer (apparently to have one you need the other), and I understand if you WERE trying to teach me a lesson.
I feel really awkward about saying all this, but please try to understand my concern, I actually never even thought of it until the girl brought it up I still consider you a friend and I am really hoping that this won't mess it up. But it's getting to the point where I am waking up from bad dreams thinking about my heads and how they are not home."

She responded that she had indeed said that she would consider my items "Forfeit" but only if I didn't pay for shipping and that she would not want to risk her reputation.
I expressed apologies and that I was worried my heads would come back damaged, to which she let me know that she had packed them like fine china and not to worry, they were probably in returns. Then she expressed that a lady at the PO was watching for it and that she'd let me know by tuesday at the latest.
On July 4th 2012 I contacted her asking for news. She responded that she was going to the PO friday because there was a package there and that it had her name on it, but the label was ripped off. She also expressed that she had messaged me about it on facebook about it the previous Monday and that facebook had probably 'messed up' and not sent the message.
On July 7th 2012 Chi no Teshi contacted me saying that it seemed like I hadn't gotten her last message and that the box was there. That the box's label was ripped off and that she was going to repack it in a better box and write the label on the box this time. She let me know that she was leaving a complaint with the postal office and forwarding a complaint to Canada Post.
On July 18th 2012 I contacted Chi asking how things were going. To which she responded that it seemed I hadn't received messages from her. She gave me the shipping options which were $28 for priority and that she would get tracking number for me. I said I would pay it and then I asked her how much insurance I should insure for. She said $550 would be accurate. She then proceeded to tell me that she would pay for the insurance if I paid for the $28 in shipping.
On July 20th 2012 I messaged her that I might be able to get to town to pay her for shipping.
On July 21st 2012 I messaged her that I was unable to get to town.
On August 15th 2012 I let her know I still needed time and she agreed saying she was also broke.
On August 24th 2012 I paid for the shipping.
On August 25th 2012 She let me know she'd ship as soon as possible and that she was just home from a small trip.
On September 12th 2012 I asked for news abotu shipping. She said it had been a month and that she had already shipped it. I told her that if it came back to her again, I'd pay shipping again. She responded with this:
"I sent it priority. I will need to look for the tracking tag again since you didn't get the message, I guess. I recently cleaned my FB messages X_X
I was told to do that if my messages started getting errors so I did. I should have copied it down U_U
If it comes back again (which it shouldn't... I taped the whole box around the label XDDD used a whole roll and a bit of another with tape) I will pay out of pocket for the shipping. That is just ridiculous if it is returned."
On September 18th 2012 I contacted Chi and asked for news. She said that she called the PO and she said that the PO let her know that there was trouble shipping to that area lately and that she had seen herself that people were having issues.
On September 29th 2012 I asked for news
On September 30th 2012 She responded that she had called the PO and they had responded that there was "nothing they could do until it gets there"
On October 21st 2012 I let her know that I had a close friend that wanted to buythe items off me one they had been returned to me. ((At this point I was bitter about the heads))
On October 23rd 2012 She let me know she understood and that she could do nothing until she or I received the heads.
On January 17th 2013 I contacted her again, still nothing.
At this point I let her know that I might take interest in the pack tracker again(whom I would have to hire) and potentially a lawyer against the postal system (which is someone I know.) and that it was nothing against her, just the postal system.

At this point I did talk to the tracker. The price however was to high and the friend in law explained that it was to hard to bring to court and it wasn't worth my money to do so. At this point I was very depressed and upset. So I stopped contacting Chi no Tenshi. I kept all records of our conversations and hoped she would contact me sometime if my heads were returned to her.

On March 6th 2014 I was come to by a friend in the hobby who still has access to DoA. She had let me know that she was in contact with DoA moderators as Jisatsu had for sale the Dragon Doll Lui Bei Zheng, Another Secret Mr. Rabbit and had previously sold the Grit parts on the DoA marketplace. I was immeadiately torked. However, I waited for information before going to Jisatsu. At first I was skeptic. Jisatsu had acted like a friend, very patient and kind the whole time. I asked that DenofAngels see if she had been unable to find me and that perhaps she could refund me and or send back the remaining head in her posession and I asked my friend to let DoA know I felt this way.
On March 7th I got into contact with DoA and they responded.
On March 8th I sent them a photo of our paypal receipt. It was unfortunately a PHP file and was not legible. I also messaged DoA with information on what was stolen and gave them the facebook conversation (in full,not abbreviated like above)
On March 19th, after frustration not hearing back from DoA mods, I contacted Chi on Facebook. I was very blunt and rude. This conversation I will NOT abbreviate, Chi was very different in these messages, like she didn't know how to respond or type correctly.

Me: Hi there. I was informed by someone on DoA that you sold the heads that were lost in the mail.
Chi: I did not sell your heads, no. The last time I messaged you the heads were marked as delivered and were signed for
Me: I never reeived my head, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Wolf, Dragon doll Zheng. I also never received any kind of tracking info from youand the grit head and parts* sorry

Chi: After I sent that I was informed your heads had areived and were sent, you were no longer available. I searched to see if you had made another FB and I could not find you
Me: I'm afraid they did not arrive, I never messaged you anything like that in fact
Chi: i was informed by the PO
Me: Then why are my heads sold on your doa or currently for saleon your page
Chi: I snet the message after I got the info.
Me: Sent what message
Chi: those are not your heads and I already sent proof of purchases and trade info
Me: I dont have proof of purchase from you
Chi: I did not purchase from you
Me: Yeah, because I sent you them on commission for faceup, I was on DoA remember, you said you lost the mail and now you are selling them
Chi: you assume my heads are yours because they are the same sculpts? that is really rude. I did my part and you dropped off the face of the earth so I
Me: Can you rpovide me with roof that you purchased them then? I just want to be sure.
Chi: I said nothing of the sort. I called the PO non stop on the information after sending them out on my own dime with signature confirmation
Me: I never signed for anything though, and I never received tracking information.Can you provide me proof of purchase from elsewhere then?
Chi: I will see if I can give the emails out from the ones I purchased from. I bought one head at a meet, though. I do not have her name.
Me: Okthank you, sorry for the hassle
Chi: no, no I understand. I would be afraid, too. I had no idea that they did not arrive as signature confirmation is usually only allowed to be signed by the person on the package, I thought
Me: It is only allowed to be signed by the personcan you possibly find the tracking.

[[Chi posted three photos here]]

Chi:The wolf head I had was purchased at a meetup via cash in hand and all I remember is the girl went by Kiku or something. We have a lot of local meets where people bring all sorts of dolls and such to sell and I have not been to a meet in about a year or so now.
Chi: I sent an email to the girl here asking if I can share her email with you but here is the correspondence stating the trade.
Me: can you provide the paypal invoice?
Chi: And I purchased the Zheng from another local but paid via paypal layaway. She said I can give you her email.
Chi: Invoice for what?
Me: thats what i was looking forcan you possibly find my tracking #?
Chi: I do not have any of our past messages anymore. I can search my files in the garage to see if I can find the reciept from shipment but I have moved since then and so I am not sure if I have it. I got rid of everything that was confirmed received.
Me: ok
Chi: Did you leave FB for a time?
Me: No.My last name changed
Chi: Your picture was blank and your name was unclickable last I remember. I figured you closed your account possibly because people might have been bothering you from DOA.
Me: Nah, no one ever bothersme
Chi: That is good. I'd posted in the local meet groups about kiku and seeing if anyone comes forward so I can also have her. A lot of people have been leaving the hobby, though. So much hate and drama and it is sickening.

It was clear that Chi had been in contact with DoA moderators. They had probably inquired about the exact things I was. The photos Chi sent me were (1) of an email for the grit parts, which she claimed were traded to her. and (2) Two photos of paypal invoices that were her proof of purchase for the Zheng head.

Unfortunately for Chi no Tenshi. I wasn't a fool. The name on the paypal invoices were invoices to her GIRLFRIEND whom she lives with. I had been following Chi for long enough to know exactly who she knew and surrounded herself with.

This all transpired on March 19 2014. And on the same day I immediately took screenshots and sent them to DoA moderators. The photos were these. (I don't want to share these publicly because they are facebook screenshots and could cause some trouble.)
#1. A screenshot of the Zheng head she'd posted for sale on her facebook on February 23rd 2014
#2. A screenshot of Chi-no-Tenshi's face that was similar to her user profile photo on DoA of her with pastel hair colours on her personal facebook account.
#3. A screenshot of her personal facebook which depicted her facebook photo which was one of her popular dolls and the cover photo which was all of her dolls and a 'Engaged to' listing the same name as in the paypal receipts.
#4. A screenshot of her girlfriends personal facebook which depicted an 'Engaged to' listing the same name as her personal facebook account.

At this point DoA went quiet, and eventually my friend let me know that she was marketplace banned on March 28th or 27th 2014. I contacted them again about it thanking them and they responded with this:

"Banned or not, nobody deserves to be stolen from. Rest assured that the dolls in question will not be sold on DoA. We cannot post any feedback related to this on your behalf, it is not a precedent we want to set. The privilege of leaving feedback comes with being a member in good standing on the forum. I suggest you leave your side of the story on Bad Dolly Deals, many people in the doll world leave feedback there, and it can be read by anyone."

It's now concluded that Jisatsu/ Chi-no-Tenshi is a theif. And as much as I love her art and thought I had a friend in her, she was not. Please be warned.
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Clare M. / ShimmyImmie♥: doll not received [Feb. 26th, 2014|02:42 pm]
Bad Dolly Deals...
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My name is Susan G., Frollein Suzy, from Germany. I’m having troubles to reach Clare M. from Ireland, known as ShimmyImmie♥ on Flickr. January 15th I’ve contacted Clare regarding a Tinkerina custom, which she offered in the “Dolly Adoption” Facebook group. Please see below for our full conversation. Summary: We agreed on a price of 280 EUR that included shipping, I paid immediately through Paypal on January 15th and she promised to send the next Monday, which was January 20th. We also agreed on getting tracking for security reasons. As I haven’t heard anything from her I contacted Clare on January 21st to see if the doll has been shipped. She answered two days later, telling me that indeed she posted the doll but that her purse has been snatched which contained the receipt for sending. She asked me to wait for her getting an replacement ID which will allow her to ask for tracking at the postal office. When the doll had not arrived by February 1st I mailed her again to ask for a tracking number. I did not get a reply fromr her and messaged again on February 7th, to which she answeed that she will get her new ID soon, that the doll is fully insured and that I would be fully refunded if the doll is not showing up. I answered that I’m okay waiting for another week. After that I haven’t heard back anything and Clare didn’t answer my mails from February 14th or 19th.

Due her silence towards me, I saw it necessary to open a case with Paypal. Which I did on 20th of February – one month after the doll had been posted. As I didn’t get any reaction from her after opening the case (what I had hoped for), I requested “Käuferschutz” (Paypal buyer protection) on February 24th and also wrote to her once again. Which was also unanswered.

I still wish that we can resolve this and I hope to hear back from Clare soon!

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Suuchan \ RockScientist: no item received [Jan. 12th, 2014|03:17 pm]
Bad Dolly Deals...

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Dec 29 I made a deal for a trade with a member of the MidWest USA doll forum Dairyland who goes by the name of RockScientist. I would send her my Switch Taeheo head on a Souldoll double body and she would send her Unoa L-Bi. She had good feedback, had done several other trades for dolls (including the doll she was offering to me) and it really looked like there shouldn't be a problem.

I have since found out she is Suuchan on DOA as well.

I sent the doll off as planned and messaged her to let her know.


I didn't hear from her, I didn't get a doll in the mail, she hasn't even logged back onto Dairyland, though she has been on DOA.

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Angelberries Grumpy Cat Meme crochet plush toy handmade kitty doll [Dec. 9th, 2013|05:40 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...

After a long search i finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is not an optical illusions. This is my last chance to get in touch with Angel.
Anyways, i bought one of the grumpy cat dolls from Angelberries etzy online store. It was warned the wait was going to be a long one. Which has been, and so far i haven't received the kitty.
I have tried to get in touch with Angelberries via email, apparently the account is dead. The etzy store is no longer there. Anyways, the reason i need to get in touch with Angelberries. There is a big possibility i will be moving to another place next january 2014. If she can get in touch with me, i will be greatfull so i can update my address with her if the move takes place. My email address: Razylym@yahoo.com
I will be really greatful if i can get in touch with angel, i don't want to move to another place and lose the grumpy doll.
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I need your help! [Nov. 28th, 2013|08:56 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...
I don't know what to do...
I still waiting for a custom doll wich I send several month ago (in April) to the USA.
Weeks ago the artist told me that the doll is more or less finished, I already saw a picture on flickr.
I send him two mails in the last two weeks because I want to know if there is a chance to get the doll back this year.
But I got no response.
I saw that the artist is not ill or something, he is very active on Instagram...
What would you guys do?
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WARNING: KENNER SCAMMER CONTINUES [Oct. 15th, 2013|02:17 pm]
Bad Dolly Deals...

Liz Gilbert
Kenner scam alert!
It's the same deal as before. I just want to warn EVERYONE to do your research before buying on the bay. Any seller with 0 feed back is an immediate red flag.
Please report this seller and any other similar activity to ebay.
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Angelberries: No item received, no communication [Oct. 10th, 2013|11:13 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...

I'm new to this community and happened to stumble upon it looking for others who have had issues with the seller Angelberries on Etsy.

I purchased a Grumpy Cat crocheted doll in April. It is now long past the Etsy and Paypal dispute time frame. Her email is no longer valid. Her Etsy account is closed -- apparently for "non-payment of fees" according to her own words in another post on this community.

I've heard nothing from this seller, despite numerous emails. I understand that things get busy, but a response to my questions would be appreciated.I'm just looking for a time frame and if it's not coming soon, a refund of $48 -- cost of the doll ($40) and shipping ($8).

Sadly, I've seen several buyers have also had problems with this seller. She is claiming that she sends out hundreds of packages and of course, many get lost. Well, as someone who has done a lot of buying/selling, I can honestly say that if you having that many problems shipping your packages, you need to find a better way to ship your stuff. And get tracking numbers. And insurance. For all the items I've shipped over the years, only ONE item never arrived. Again, I know life gets busy. I have kids too. I work. But if I sell something, I send it, or let the buyer know it's delayed -- for whatever reason. And if I couldn't complete the transaction, I'd let them know and issue a refund.

I'd appreciate any assistance with getting this matter resolved.

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