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extremely disappointed and offended by Rosichi Blythe [Apr. 3rd, 2015|04:45 pm]
Bad Dolly Deals...
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Some days ago I received my newest Blythe doll which I had adopted from the customizer "Rosichi Blythe".
The dolls face up is very beautiful, she looks just like the photos I saw before from "Rosichi Blythe".
But I was extremely surprised and very sad about the fact that her scalp was wefted.
I feel deceived by "Rosichi Blythe" because she wrote in her advertisement: "straight mohair REROOT by me".
But the scalp is not a rerooted one.
Rosichi Blythe put wefts on a piece of fabric and glued it on the scalp.
In her ad she didn’t noticed that the hair is only weftet.
I send her a message to tell her that I'm very disappointed and explained the difference of a rooted and a wefted scalp and kindly ask for a small discount of 50 euros.
I got no answer.
But instead "Rosichi Blythe“ opened a posting on Facebook and wrote about my problem.
She and her FACEBOOK FANS talked very bad about me.
I think this is outrageous of „Rosichi Blythe“.
I do not want that future buyers are disappointed or have problems with this person.
It's not nice to be placed at the pillory on Facebook.