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Stolen Blythe scalp - unpaid and unreturned item - problem with Cakau [Feb. 11th, 2015|03:48 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...


[mood |disappointeddisappointed]

I'm posting here what I posted on my personal page on January 14 at 3:30pm:
"It's with a heavy heart that I come to share my story.
Before September 2014 Cakau (Ana T. C***, from Portugal) bought a scalp from me. My supplier sent me the wrong shade of green, which Ana said she would return to me once I sent her the correct shade of green.
I did so before September. In September I asked her if she had forgotten to send it back to me, and she said she would send it soon. Meanwhile I started school and didn't have internet access and she also had some problems with her pets, so I didn't want to bother her, so I waited. And waited, and waited.
Last week, I casually asked her when she was going to return the scalp to me, to which she replied "I used the scalp on one of my dolls, I even cut the hair." and I was all "hum? that's not what we had agreed on" to which she said "Yeah, I had that scalp lying around, I wasn't going to buy one".

Ok, so she agrees to send back the scalp and then doesn't and then uses it because it's there?
She unfriended me, left the Portuguese Blythe group and isn't replying to my PMs.
I can provide screen shots of the whole thing (though they are in Portuguese).
I'm very sad to have lost a "friend" to a stolen scalp :( Our friendship was worth 35€ + shipping..."

She has since sent me a text message saying she would ship BOTH scalps back to me, to which I replied I'd rather she pay a partial cost of the extra scalp she kept, since she had already cut it. More that 2 weeks have passed, no scalps, no money, no reply :/