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paid on October 30, 2014 $70.00 for a pair Squeaky Monkey Pre-Order… - Bad Dolly Deals... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 8th, 2015|11:03 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...
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paid on October 30, 2014 $70.00 for a pair Squeaky Monkey Pre-Order Jeans. There wasn't much communication through out the process. I contacted Tiffany a few days after X-mas inquiring on a date for delivery.
Here is the Convo (please note she blocked me this week explain more that next)
******Conversation started December 26, 2014*********
Michelle Yager-French
12/26, 12:29pm
Michelle Yager-French
hey! I assume you have not made jeans yet right? I think I see you said on your posts that denim was after Christmas Hope you had wonderful Christmas!
December 27, 2014
Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
12/27, 4:33am
Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
I was thinking of you earlier. I'll be sending out an email tomorrow. I ended up taking the entire 2 days off over the holiday. I'm in the process of cutting everything out that I have outstanding. I kinda dropped the ball with communication this month. I do try to keep people informed. I am shooting to be as caught up as possible in early January. I had hoped to be caught up by the end of the year, but with the fall and the holiday days (which were much needed), I haven't been able to keep to my self imposed deadline. I hope your holiday was peaceful, mine was very low key and lazy. Somehow in the last 2 weeks my space has become a tornado zone and I have no idea how it happened. Probably the cats! *********** So I left it at that was nice to her and not mad at all.(this was her first accident not he ladder incident by the way) I contacted her on Jan 6th to see about adding a dress to the order and her response*******Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
Huh? Sorry, I'm a bit off my game. I fell from a ladder on Sunday. Did you want to order a dress? That is fine. I WAS working on them until I fell... I am hoping to be mobile tomorrow. Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
Yeah, I was feeling a bit rough this week. I'm really lucky that I didn't break my neck. Time to stop acting like an invincible teenager...
I just closed the dresses yesterday, I can open the pink tea dress for you. I am and will be working on them this coming week. Just let me know. I'm broke and could use the sale. I can't afford sick days. You have your own business, I'm sure you can relate.
I'm feeling a lot better. I have mobility back in my arm, shoulder and neck still sore. Man, I've just been a klutz lately. Drrrrr....************** I decided to wait on the dress since I had seen no results in the jeans. We basically had no other communication until I received this message on Feb 5, 2015
Facebook User(Squeaky Monkey)
2/5, 12:00pm
Facebook User
do you want your money back for the jeans?
don't have it right now, it will take me some time.*************
I never had a chance to respond to that last message less than 24 hours later she decided to block me I guess with many others. No refund and its been past 45 days with paypal. The 180 day rule did not com into effect until Nov 18.

[User Picture]From: squeaky_monkey
2015-02-08 04:35 pm (UTC)

Michelle never contacted me by any other means

I had asked if she wanted a refund and waited several days with no word from her. I have fallen 3 times since the 19th of December (first one was at 6am after working all night for probably the 20th day in a row, then I fell from a 6 foot ladder about 5 weeks ago, then last week ended up breaking my ankle/tibia. I'm hurting and doing the best I can to get back to work.

I NEED TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THE JEANS PREORDER WAS FOR WHEN I WAS FINISHED WITH EVERYTHING ELSE I HAD TO MAKE AND IT WAS ANTICIPATED FOR LATE DECEMBER.and am having a really hard time getting around. I can't move my left arm again and I just got out of the hospital from breaking my leg. It is not hard to reach me. I closed my Facebook account because of online bullying and she assumed that I blocked her, which is not the case.

She has been refunded. Sorry, that not being able to work has affected my finances so drastically. Please God let me heal!!!!

Edited at 2015-02-08 04:37 pm (UTC)
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From: myager007
2015-02-09 02:07 am (UTC)

Re: Michelle never contacted me by any other means

IT was 24 hours when you asked if I wanted a refund before you blocked me. You did block me because I had several people tell me your page was still up according to a handful of people . You also said when you asked if I wanted a refund

Facebook User (Tiffany SM doll page)
2/5, 12:00pm
Facebook User
do you want your money back for the jeans?
don't have it right now, it will take me some time.
Sent from Messenger

Friday evening when i went to respond I was unable. I am not going to track you down on other emails or pages when this was the page you contacted me on.

Refund received this morning 8:30 and i have received your 3 emails rubbing in my face that I am going to miss these jeans and how awesome they are. I will survive there are many makers out there that have incredible jeans! Ones that look like they came off a human body but thanks for being concerned that I won't have privilege of owning a pair!
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