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tomoyo on Vidasdeplastico [Nov. 28th, 2014|08:33 am]
Bad Dolly Deals...


[Frannie LovesSteve]

On the 17th November I bought tomoyo's Blythe on this forum
I paid in full the same day, as "friends" upon his request, I believe, at evening . He promised to ship by the end of the week.
On saturday or sunday I sent him a messagge asking for my tracking code. He replied saying she couldn't ship and that he would do that on monday.
On monday I wrote him again, asking for the track.
He replied on the 25th, tuesday, saying he had been busy and he promised to ship before friday.
Today is friday, and of course I haven't heard a word from him....
I checked all of his feedback before buying, and they seemed old but ok except for one, but that may have been a misunderstanding between buyer/seller.
I will wait until saturday, then decide what to do. He asked me to pay by paypal, friends, which I did.
I really love the doll and would love to bring her home for Christmas, but I truly don't know what to do.....